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Kathleen Chee

Motion Designer Animator Editor Based in Chicago


2100°DG serves as the main portfolio site for Kathleen Chee

2100°DG is a multi-disciplinary Broadcast Motion Design  and Animation firm based in Chicago, USA. We operate as a collective to service partners, clients, and advertising agencies worldwide in all areas of design, with a focus on broadcast motion design and interactive solutions. 2100°DG is a melding of experienced creatives –designers, animators, directors, producers, programmers–across a myriad of artistic platforms.

Kathleen Chee is  Motion Director and Principal Designer of 2100°DG. She has over 20 years of experience working with a variety of film, broadcast, print and web clients.  Past motion design projects include pieces for clients such as Boeing, McDonaldʼs, State Farm, Budweiser, Coors, Brinks, Sears, Coca-Cola and Chase. However, her love of design and the process keeps her working one on one with the clients in many capacities. She has worked within very specific branding specs while bringing an additional level of creativity and focus to the project. 

Kathleen Chee and company are accustomed to the fast paced deadline driven world of broadcast and media and it has prepared them to maintain the creative vision of the client while working within tight schedules.   As motion director, she has managed a team of designers, animators and compositors and enjoys working in a collaborative environment.  Her intuitive nature and understanding of clientsʼ needs make her an valuable part of the creative process.  2100°DG is able to take on a project and contribute additional layers of creativity to ensure the final product is complex and dynamic, yet true to the original vision. 

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